Name and scope of activity
Contact data

Belarusian Public association “Development – XXI century”

Environment enlightening and education, ecological volunteer movement
Andrei Khlevinskiy

220113, Minsk, 50 Y. Kolas St. B 1 Office 8;
Tel. +375 44 777 999 5;

Belarusian Public Association “Ecological Initiative”

Elaboration and implementation of environmental projects and programmes.
In 2008 the organization launched the international project “Public Awareness Raising and Information Exchange on the POPs Issue in the Framework of Implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants”
Yuri Solovjev

220030, Minsk, 26-1 Griboyedov St.
Tel.: +375 17 20322 83; e-mail:

Public Association “Ecodom”
In 2007 the experts of PA “Ecodom” took part in realization of the international project “ Building Capacity for Transboundary Water Resources Management in the Zapadnaya Dvina River Basin” and in elaboration of the Action Plan on environmentally sound management of obsolete pesticides in the Vitebsk region
Irina Koparikha
220012, Minsk, 16/7-52 Kalinin Lane,
Tel.: +375 17 266 16 52;
269 10 01, 281 60 01

Public association “Ecopravo”
Participation in development of environmental policy and regulatory framework through implementation and participation in related environmental projects of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and other ministries
Elena Layevskaya

Tel: +375 17 240 10 11;

International public association “Ecosphere”

Implementation of environmental projects and programmes.
In 2007 the organization implemented a project “Repackaging of obsolete pesticides in the Borisov District of the Minsk region”
Gennadiy Veratinskiy

220024,  Minsk, 9а-304 Osvobozhdenia St.
Tel.: +375 29 558 74 77

Mogilev city public ecological association “ENDO”
Andrei Pakhomenko
212022, Mogilev 22, PO box 61; tel.: +375 222 39 00 36

Molodechno public association “Ecological Center “Krynitsa”
Oleg Beganskiy
222310, Minsk region, Molodechno, 3-1 3rd Rabochiy Lane
tel.: +375 1773 53711

Public Association "Belarusian Environmental Movement" (formerly known as "Belarusian Movement "Otechestvo")

In 2010 was implemented the first project on hazardous waste disposal in the Republic of Belarus "Disposal of wastes containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in an environmentally safe manner within the framework of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants”, which started the process of incineration of the country's POPs-containing waste. 

Anastasiya Zhdanovich

220053,Minsk Novatorskaya str.2B-503
tel. (8029) 6800640